Charismatic. A source of calm with unmistakable features.

The slim, feminine silhouette embodies simple elegance. Delicate ornamentation on the top adds a dash of urban charm. ARONDO is both powerful and restrained, and its innovative heating technology is quite simply impressive.

The black steel body surrounds the vivid flames and cleverly sets off the power of the fire. ARONDO’s beautiful crafted design looks good against every backdrop. Control is easy and intuitive using a touch display or with the optional ANIMO Wi-Fire. The product is also highly efficient – over 90%.

Tech. Details

technical details

Weight with stones 130 kg
Weight with stone casing 145 kg
flue tube discharge diameter 100 mm
Fresh air connection diameter 60 mm
Heating power range 2,5 - 8 kW
Room heating capacity 50 - 220 m³
Pellet container capacity 46 l /-30 kg
average power consumption - 20 W
Efficiency 90,7 %
CO2 content 11,5 %
CO emission or 13% O 84,5 mg/Nm3
dust emissions 18 mg/Nm3
flue gas mass flow rate 5,4 g/s
exhaust gas temperature 169,6 °C
flue draught requirement 3 Pa

technical drawings