Savoir vivre meets stylish interior

Form and function: Furniture and heat source. AMITO is so much more than a stove. It charmingly fits into every living space and enriches relaxing hours at home with pleasant, quiet warmth. Living and enjoying to the full have never been so easy.

Clear shapes underline the no-frills design and effectively frame the harmonious flame pattern. Timeless style and quality stand for longevity and allow AMITO to outlive many furnishing trends. Technically, however, AMITO is by no means reticent: Dynamic supply air regulation, touch display, room sensor and ANIMO Wi-Fire offer all the comfort and make it a stove for discerning hedonists.

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Tech. Details

technical details

Weight with stones ~180 kg
Flue pipe outlet 100 mm
Fresh air connection diameter 60 mm
Heating power range 2,5 - 8 kW
Room heating capacity 50-220 m³
Pellet container capacity 51 l/ ~ 33kg
Efficiency 93,2%

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